Hey, I’m Thomas 👋

I worked as a Vulnerability Researcher for a few years, first with Synacktiv and Sonar, and I'm now a Principal Application Security Engineer at Bentley Systems.

It led me to uncover bugs across all kinds of software. I have a particular affection for some of my recent findings:

I tend to be very open about my work—whenever possible—by publishing articles on my employers’ blogs and giving presentations at DEF CON, Hexacon, TyphoonCon, Insomni’hack, GreHack, etc.

I’m also fond of lower-level security sometimes, with hands-on experience orchestrating fuzzing campaigns and corrupting memory that shouldn’t.

You can find me tootin’ on Mastodon at @swapgs@infosec.exchange, and idling on Libera Chat with ~swapgs.

See you around!